Sunday, January 31, 2010


Life as we know is so pointless. We never know what the purpose of living it is, there is no possibility of finding it too. We never know what we want out of living it. We never know where we will end up. But we always have a perspective of living it and we believe in it. Some believe life is going and getting all the things, the world can possibly provide for us, and that is what could be called as success. Others feel life is more fulfilling when lived for others, making others happy, enjoying in their smiles. Honestly speaking I too have spent an incredible amount of time thinking about this mystery called life. I always reach to a different conclusion each time and each of the conclusions I arrive on is totally fulfilling. I could conclude in totally opposite ways on two different days and be totally convinced with my conclusions on the respective days. So I could just say that life is an entity which gives you so many possibilities that you can be striving to live a totally fulfilled life in a certain way but the other person with a different perspective could conclude you as a complete loser for even choosing that way. Life could be lived in so many dimensions and a lifetime is not enough to live your life completely in that dimension. It is the same as you can spend a life time studying the smallest of the smallest things like an atom or history of a place or a certain kind of animal, you can spend a lifetime studying about your respective subject, but you still can always find possibilities for learning more, unearthing more. So I can say life too provides us with so many possibilities that a lifetime is not enough to enjoy and live the possibility we have chosen. Then again we have confusion whether we just have to savor a single possibility so much when we know how much ever we live it, it still seems incomplete or could we just try out all the different possibilities and savor each one of them a little. Answering this also seems to be impossibly difficult as there is not a perfectly correct or wrong thing in life and if there is one it also should be defined humanely. And you never can be for sure that what they say as the ultimate truth. Actually if we think more into this we can also say there is nothing as absolute here. Everything is so relative and so unsure.

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  1. agree, 100 years not enf , if one want to do something in life......