Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year 2010 to all you guys out there. Hope this year brings you all the luck and fulfills all your wishes. Have a very Happy New Year 2010.

I really dont have any topic to write on in this post apart from conveying my wishes to all you guys out there. Some how these years rolling by is making me feel that I am growing old and still not knowing what I want out of my life does make me feel a bit confused. 10 years ago I was in my Xth std, preparing for my board exams. Now a decade has passed since that. Decade, seems pretty long time. Yeah it is.

Hmmm.. Anyways also wanted to write about this guy. This guy whom I see every single day, while riding to office. He stands in one of the busiest traffic signals and sells or maybe tries to sell hats made of jute. The hats are really stupid in design, no offence but they are, They are like the old hats worn by Gavaskar, the only difference he would wear a white one and this was made of jute, it also had stripes in between which divided the hat in triangles. It could be folded to a single triangle if you fold it on those lines. It needed to be tied around the neck. Everyday I see him wearing one of the hats and having a bunch of them in his hand nicely folded in triangles. I have stood so many days in the signal (en-route to office, mind you) observing him, but i didnt even see a single customer remotely interested in buying those hats, leave alone bargaining or talking to him. But day after day, he is there. He always wears a full sleeve crisply ironed shirt and a formal trousers neatly ironed. Most of the days he wears a brown shoe and he always has this stupid hat on his head. He cuts through the vehicles standing in the signal showing them the hats.

I always wanted to say to him "Come on, that kind of a hat could work in some tourist destination in Goa or something but how could you possibly imagine of selling them in a busy bustling traffic signal when everyone just want to reach to their place of work in a hurry."

I wanted to say this to him, but then, seeing his attire I felt he could maintain it only if he could sell those hats pretty well or if he had some side business. Now selling the hat is out of question cos there are simply no buyers, Come on the hats are simply stupid for anyone to buy. So what kind of business could this road side well dressed hat vendor have ? Hmmm .. I thought and came out with 2 options straight away. He must either be a spy, they call as informer, working for the police and informing them the details of dunno what and about you know who (Not Voldermort, the bad guys). Thats such a cool thing, ain't it? Everyday while i pull my lazy ass out of the bed and go to office to act like working on something. He, in the guise of a hat vendor, doing some hard core on field job for the cops, Man ... aint his job interesting ? Or he could be one of the bad guys, but I still couldnt figure how would he be of help being a bad guy and selling hats in a signal.

Pretty interesting theory, aint it ? Ok Enough of joblessness on the first day of the new year. I will get back to doing nothing and you guys, if any of you stumbled on this and did read till here get back to do something meaningful. Anyways wishing you all guys a wonderful wonderful wonderful new year 2010.