Sunday, August 2, 2009


hey... am back again. So in the middle of the night, felt like jus typing out a few words, have an interview tomorrow. Dunno how it will go, hope i do well. Really hope so, cos i have made up my mind to leave the current job. This situation is making me think, yeah yet again, this situation and a blog i just read is making me think if we should hold on to what we have and always try for better? Is it a rule or am I scared of the unknowns? Is it always necessary to think about the future and build stairs on which we constantly are climbing? I am too confused right now to put my thoughts into words right now. But my question would be, What are we all running towards ? Should i just stop running and take a moment to think ? Its quite scary thinking of running all your life around just to survive ? Isnt there more to life ? Or am I in the wrong direction ? Anyway wish me luck for my interview, Hope i do well.