Thursday, January 21, 2010


I had some thoughts on philosophy these days. I should say this is not the first time such thoughts are going through my mind, but why am I pouring out the thoughts here now? That is because this time I somehow feel, my thoughts does make some sense. You guys are totally free to disagree.

So firstly, why did these thoughts pass through my head? Quite recently I heard from my mom about an incident. I should tell you this kind of an incident is not very unique and I am sure each one of us might have come across such incidents which might be totally co-incidental. But still we would never want to believe it as co-incidental and would give some special meaning to it and rightly so, because we never know it might have some special meaning attached to it. So the incident which took place here is: one of my relatives, he is a staunchest of believers in God and has been doing loads of poojas for years, on one particular morning recently when he was going on with his shlokas and poojas, there is one shloka regarding Lord Narayana it seems and after he finished the chanting as he turned around or something he saw a garuda (the vehicle of the lord) sitting on the compound wall of his house (He stays in Bangalore, so I should say this is not an everyday scene or maybe any day scene in bangalore). He was very much overwhelmed and had this unexplainable happiness in him because this had lots of hidden meanings to him which I and you might find irrelevant. I should say this must have been a special incident for him and he might have got so many messages through this highly improbable occurrence (of the lord’s vehicle perching on his compound when he was just praying to the Lord).

At this point I should say I am a confused soul regarding these kinds of questions, which according to the current philosophers makes me an agnostic. But the above incident made me think. It kind of gave me a solution. Again as I am an agnostic, I still am skeptical of even this solution, which is I am not a complete believer of this theory. But I somehow liked this thought.

This universe may be a place where in if you really believe (or not believe) in something then the world conspires to make you believe in your assumptions. It doesn’t matter if you believe in God, religion, or science, or if you don’t believe in God, you will always get many pretty good reasons to believe in your beliefs (or non beliefs). It is something like; maybe our mind has some connection with the outside world and the beliefs in our mind do have some thing to do with the way things actually work. We start to observe things based on our beliefs and we find many interconnections, many meanings and truth in each of our beliefs. This maybe the reason for so many varying different beliefs, school of thoughts to co-exist and so many fanatics to believe their beliefs as the only existing truth unable to look beyond their point of view.

In science also there have been so many assumptions made to give us amazing solutions based on little facts, like if something holds for a verifiable thing we can use the same formula for something non verifiable, we put the data in the formula and determine things.

So based on the small fact which I mentioned before, (that is my relative seeing the garuda after the pooja), I can assume many of the beliefs in the history also could very well be true like the idol of Shri Krishna turning after being pleased by Kanakadasa’s worship. I don’t know but sometimes, in some way, things happen that enforces our beliefs. It’s like the world outside becomes what we truly, firmly believe from inside. It just enforces our beliefs, though no two beliefs might be the same. That is different varying beliefs can totally co-exist and there is a chance that though the beliefs are variant or opposing to each other may very well be true. Maybe this universe has that kind of power or magic. Just maybe.


  1. this is not are just perceiving it to be philosophy...but any way good one..keep going...

  2. Hey,
    I feel one with your thinking...
    The world is modernising and traditions, cultural and religious beliefs are getting watered down..Losing their meaning or should we say we are forced to disbelieve with the growing western influences..
    But with such occurences like the garuda daarshan and sometimes consequent great turns in my life.. I still believe in THAT power, up there!!
    My hubby is a Hanuman Bhakta and we were visited by a huge ape who seemed to be waiting for us atop our car! He then left a half banana behind which we partook as prasad..
    This was on Saturday!!
    And our son was born the following week..
    SO...I'm with you in ur philosophy and belief!

  3. Its all about the way we look outside and try to connect the dots to make out something meangingful

  4. @Krishna : Thanks

    @Chaitanya : Yeah its more of a theory. What say?

    @Vibhuti : Thanks for the support and visit :)

    @The Survivor : Hmmm true, I do agree with you.