Monday, May 30, 2011

Fear !!!

Every single person's life is what it is because of fear. Fear shapes our life to what it is today. It moulds our lives. It fogs our minds with so many issues that we give importance to our current actions of fortifying ourselves from being engulfed by the fear. Fear of poverty makes us earn. Fear of powerlessness makes us involved in the society. Fear of loneliness gives us the need of a flock of people agreeable around us. Fear of failing health makes us eat healthy, exercise. Fear of anonimity makes us to do something to put our name against. Fear of societal shame make us keep/have secrets. Fear of being left alone make us to belong to a certain group, supporting the group. Fear of losing love, makes us to change ourselves to suit the best for being loved. Fear, Is this the driving force of our society, our culture. Is this the most essential entity for us to live. What would be life without fear ? Scary, to even imagine. Fear of being ridiculed, make us stop imagining and start living the traditional/cultural usual way.

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