Friday, April 10, 2009

Make way for the gyaani

The things you own end up owning you. Just heard this quote somewhere and it like bought me nearer to my quest of dunno what. So this sentence deduces to this: a man is free when he owns nothing he cares much about or when he has nothing to lose, else he would really care when he loses something or he would crib a lot on the loss of the pettiest comfort. So does this say beggars would be one of the most free people on the face of earth ? probably not. The most free people are, who are not owned by things that they have or those who dont care of losing them, who dont crib over losing their comfort or something, who understand they are just living out an illusion and what they lose or are cribbing over were never theirs and were just given to them as a game. So we should understand there is no happily ever after anywhere until you understand that you cant be happy by getting what you want, but you can bring amount of sanity in your life by caring the least of what comes into and goes out of your life. So the gyaan here would be live out of the life you have now, in the present, than caring bout the future or cribbing bout the past.

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  1. There is no relation between the topic and the content....but any way..u have written some thing....! im not gonna praise you at all..